HOT: Gaon Chart gave platinum certifications to 3 artists, with a solo female singer for the first time!

She even surpassed her seniors such as Sunmi, IU, Soyou …

On the morning of December 6th, Gaon‘s home page announced 3 new artists who have just received platinum certification this month. They are: NCT 127 – Platinum Disc Sells (more than 250,000 albums) for “NCT # 127 Regular-Irregular“, Shaun – Platinum Music Stream (more than 100,000,000 online streams) for “Way Back Home” and Chungha – Platinum music stream (over 100 million times listening online) for “Roller Coaster“.

Earlier this year, the Korea Music Content Industry Association announced that it would issue platinum certification for its 250,000-album sales, as well as 100 million streaming or 2.5 million downloads. At the same time, this chart will certify the million album for the ones that sold 1 million products, diamond certification for the song reached 10 million downloads and certified billion for the song reached 1 billion streaming.

To date, all of the artists and music products that have been honored at the Gaon Certification are:

Disc Selling (Album)

“Platinium” (250,000 copies) – 11 albums: “Eyes On You” (GOT7), NCT 2018 Empathy (NCT), 3 Platinium for “0 + 1 = 1″ (Wanna One), “Blooming Days “(EXO-CBX), “What Is Love?” (TWICE), 2 Platinium for “1 ÷ χ = 1 (UNDIVIDED)”, “Summer Night” (TWICE), “YOU MAKE MY DAY” (SEVENTEEN), “Present: YOU” (GOT7), ” WHO, YOU “(NU’EST W),” NCT # 127 Regular-Irregular “(NCT 127).

“Million” (1 million copies) – 2 albums: “Love Yourself: Tear” (BTS), 2 Million for “Love Yourself: Answer” (BTS)

Music Download (Download)

“Platinium” (2,500,000 downloads) – 1 song: “Love Scenario” (iKON)

“Diamond” (10.000.000 downloads): Not available

Streaming (Streaming)

10 songs: “Love Scenario” (iKON), “Bboom Bboom” (MOMOLAND), “DDu-Du DDu-Du” (Black Pink), “Travel” (Bolbbalgan4) “Every Day, Every Moment” (Paul Kim), “Starry Night” (MAMAMOO), “Only Then” (Roy Kim), “You” (MeloMance), “Way Back Home” (Shaun), “Roller Coaster” (Chungha).

“Billion” (1,000,000,000 plays): Not available

Source: Tinnhac

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