“20 years ago…”, A famous celebrity reveals his special relationship with actress Park Eun-bin

Comedian Shim Hyun-seop shared a picture he took with Park Eun-bin and boasted about their relationship.

Shim Hyun-seop uploaded a photo on his Instagram on July 31st along with the caption “Park Eun-bin, the most famous actress these days, is the child actress whom I worked with at Gag Concert 20 years ago”.

The released photo show Shim Hyun-seop and Park Eun-bin taking a selfie with bright expressions. The two worked together on KBS2’s “Gag Concert” about 20 years ago.

With the syndrome-level craze of ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Park Eun-bin’s appearance in the past as a child actress has also been re-examined. Park Eun-bin was only 11 years old back then but she already gained huge love from the audience for her smart appearance on the “Gag Concert” episode called “Rambling Man”.

Reuniting with Park Eun-bin, who has grown up from her child actress image and become a famous adult actress, Shim Hyun-seop said, “She’s a humble and great actress”, praising Park Eun-bin’s personality and acting skills.

DJ DOC’s Kim Chang-yeol also left a comment, saying “She’s mine”.

Born in 1970, Shim Hyun-seop made his debut as a comedian in SBS’s open recruitment in 1994 and was greatly loved for his performances on “Gag Concert”.

Source: wikitree

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