Rumors of Song Joong Ki faking his height proven wrong thanks to new girlfriend

Song Joong Ki’s height received a lot of suspicions in the past. However, these suspicions died down after the actor’s latest dating news 

The real height of Song Joong Ki has always been a topic of discussion on Korean forums, with many people accusing the actor of marking up his height by 10 cm. 

However, the “Reborn Rich” star recently announced his relationship with a British woman, who is believed to be former actress Katy Louise Saunders. Katy’s height is 171 cm, so if she is truly  Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend, the actor was never lying about his height. 

Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki
The real height of Song Joong Ki is questioned by netizens whenever he appeared next to male co-stars 

Song Joong Ki marked his height up by 10 cm?

In his personal profile, Song Joong Ki’s height was listed at 178 cm. However, the height gap between him and male colleagues led to suspicions. 

An article on the Korean blogging platform tistory even proposed that the actor is actually 173 cm tall. Judging from behind the scenes and even photos of the actor, some even said that he barely reached 171 cm. 

Song Joong Ki
In addition, Jin Goo, who played the 2nd male lead of “Descendants of the Sun”, boasts a height of 177 cm. As Song Joong Ki is shorter than Jin Goo, he can’t be 178 cm tall. 
Song Joong Ki
Back in April 2014, SHINee Jonghyun said that his height was 171 cm. It can be seen that SHINee Onew would have a similar height. 
Song Joong Ki
However, at the press conference for “Descendants of the Sun” in 2016, Song Joong Ki doesn’t look taller than Onew. Therefore, some netizens draw the conclusion that Song Joong Ki must be around 171 cm tall. At the same time, Jin Goo, who is 177 cm, stands way taller. 

If Song Joong Ki is actually 171 cm, that means the actor’s actual height is shorter than his listed one by 7cm. 

Fake height controversy debunked thanks to dating news 

After photos of Song Joong Ki and his girlfriend were published, however, netizens seem to have changed their mind. In particular, he is taller than her, while Katy Louise Saunders’ height is reportedly 171 cm.

In all of the photos, the girlfriend never wears heels, so judging by the height gap, Song Joong Ki’s height should fall around the range of 175 cm – 176 cm. If this is true, then the actor is only 2-3 cm shorter than his profile, instead of 10 cm shorter like in the rumors. 

Song Joong Ki
Katy Louise Saunders is reportedly 171 cm tall
Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki is taller than his girlfriend 
song joong ki girlfriend thumbnail
Seeing photos of the couple, netizens deduce that Song Joong Ki is around 175-176 cm instead of 171 cm like previously suspected 

Of course, this deduction is only correct if Katy Louise Saunders is truly Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend and 171 cm is truly her height. At the same time, it is impossible to tell if any of them use shoe insoles to look taller.

Source: k14

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