3 ageless Korean actresses who can play both students and parents in the same K-drama

With their youthful appearances, playing student roles is a piece of cake for these 3 Korean actresses. 

Korean actresses pay a lot of attention to their appearance, and would often look way younger than their real age. Combined with some makeup and styling, these Korean actresses can easily transform into convincing students.

1. Jang Nara

In “Go Back Couple”, Jang Nara played both the 38 and 20 year-old version of female lead Ma Jin Joo, and managed to transform from a frazzled stay-at-home mother to a university’s hot girl. Her acting skills also added greatly to the convincing performance, and with Jang Nara’s visuals, some netizens even commented that Jang Nara looked more like 20 than 38. 

jang na ra
The 38-year-old and 20-year-old played by Jang Nara
Jang Na Ra
The actress managed to be miserable as a stay-at-home mother..
jang na ra
..and bubbly as a university student. 
jang na ra
Her youthful visuals and brilliant acting skills allowed her to nail both versions. 

“Go Back Couple” followed the life of a married couple who were taken back in time to when they were students. With huge regrets over their miserable future life, they tried to avoid each other and found new paths for themselves. 

2. Song Ji Hyo

In the 2022 series “Was It Love”, Song Ji Hyo played Noh Ah Jeong – a headstrong single mother and passionate movie producer. At the same time, the actress also portrayed the student version of Noh Ah Jeon – who was in Hankuk University with wild dreams. However, despite the actress’s visuals being as youthful as ever, the hair style and make up made Song Ji Hyo ill-fitted for a university student. 

Song ji hyo
The styling of Song Ji Hyo received mixed reactions
song ji hyo
But the actress’s beauty is undeniable.

3. Kim Tae Hee 

Considered to be a “beauty standard” of Korea, Kim Tae Hee faced no issue playing both the university and the mother version of the female lead in “Hi Bye Mama”. As the actress was also a mother at the time, she could easily immerse herself into the role and delivered an outstanding and tear-jerking performance. 

kim tae hee
Her youthful visuals looked not a day over 20.
kim tae hee
Vs Kim Tae Hee while playing the mother version.
kim tae hee
The actress managed to pull of both versions perfectly

In “Hi Bye Mama”, Kim Tae Hee played a mother who passed away after a tragic accident, only to refuse to move on and stayed to watch over her child. Unfortunately, her ghostly presence enabled her daughter to see ghosts, leaving her in deep regrets. She was then given 49 days to “find her place” within the world, despite all of her family members having moved on and her husband having remarried.

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