Yura “Girl’s Day gets together often, it’s great to have members like them”

Yura expressed her deep affection for her group and members, “Girl’s Day’s activities even appear in my dreams”

Yura, who starred in the movie “Marrying the Mafia: Returns” (directed by Jung Tae-won and Jung Yong-gi), shared her thoughts on the release of the movie through an interview held in Jongno-gu, Seoul on September 26th.

Yura revealed that she still keeps in touch with Girl’s Day members and spends time with them. She mentioned, “Just about a month ago, at the end of August, we all got together. Since it’s not easy for four of us to make time to gather, we often meet in pairs or in groups of three.”

Yura Girl's Day

Yura, Park So-jin, Bang Min-ah and Lee Hye-ri are all actively working as actresses. Yura expressed her affection for the members, “Girl’s Day members are working on projects without a break. It’s great to have members like them. This is real fortune. It feels different from hanging out with friends.

When asked “There are a lot of fans waiting for Girl’s Day to reunite“, Yura expressed regret, “Seeing other groups reuniting, we think, ‘We want to do it too.’ But since we’re currently under different companies, it’s not easy.

However, she emphasized “I sometimes dream about performing as Girl’s Day while sleeping” and concluded with a strong desire to reunite when the opportunity arises.

Source: Nate

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