“Yumi’s Cells 2”: “Park Jin-young’s cells are as diverse as Kim Go-eun’s”

Fans are excited to see the visuals of Kim Go-eun and Park Jin-young in the upcoming “Yumi’s Cells 2”.

On May 6th, the TVing original series “Yumi’s Cells 2” released the character posters of Yumi (Kim Go-eun) and Bobby (Park Jin-young), who is ready for a new start.

Following the teaser poster that announced the pink return of Yumi and her cells, the second poster that predicted Yumi and Bobby’s exciting flirting also drew fans’ attention. The love cells that appeared alongside Yumi and Bobby in the character poster released on the same day are heating up expectations.

Yumi's Cells 2

Love Cell, which played an active role as Yumi’s prime cell last season, still catches the eye with its strong and cute aura. Bobby’s new Love Cell is also interesting. Bobby’s Love Cell is dressed in a heart and his hands are gathered together. Fans are wondering what words are the two love cells whispering in Yumi and Bobby’s ears. On top of that, Yumi’s shy inner feelings of “I want to know him more” and Bobby’s straight comment of “Can I start now?” increase the excitement index.

Yumi’s Cells” was loved for its interesting portrayal of Yumi’s life of eating, sleeping, and loving with her cells. The drama attempted to combine live-action with 3D animation for the first time in Korea, and the story that stimulates everyone’s empathy led to favorable reviews, rising on hot topic charts after each episode. Last season, Yumi showed her growth through dating and separation with her ex-boyfriend Koo. In the second chapter of “Yumi’s Cells“, a new excitement begins with Bobby’s full-fledged performance.

Yumi's Cells 2

Kim Go-eun and Park Jin-young are expected to show a different chemistry from theirs in Season 1. Kim Go-eun plans to portray a more mature Yumi. Kim Go-eun said goodbye to her short hair and comes back with long hair this time. Expectations are high on how she will wake up our sympathetic cells in Season 2, which is expected to realistically capture Yumi’s daily life and love. Park Jin-young also promises to captivate the hearts of the public with his soft and sweet image. The chemistry between Kim Go-eun and Park Jin-young, who are already making our hearts race, adds to expectations for the relationship between Yumi and Bobby, who will gradually change. Yumi’s cell village, which suffered a heartbreaking breakup, is also expected to be excited again.

The production team of “Yumi’s Cells” season 2 said, “Bobby’s cells, which are revealed for the first time this season, have as many different charms as Yumi’s cells. Please look forward to the various activities of Bobby’s cells, which will be unveiled starting with his Love Cell. The synergy between Kim Go-eun and Park Jin-young, which will express in detail the emotional changes that come to Yumi and Bobby, is also an indispensable point.”

The series will be released on June 10th.


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