Youtuber who was criticized for his behavior towards ITZY Chaeryeong on the plane explained the situation

Youtuber Kagwang revealed the actual situation when he met ITZY members on the plane.

On February 23rd, Kagwang made a post titled “This is my statement on ITZY issue”, on his Naver official cafe.

YouTuber Kagwang

Kagwang said, “I was busy getting free whiskey, free cola, and free buffet at the airport lounge. During the live broadcast, I saw lots of comments from viewers saying ITZY was there at the same airport”, adding “So I replied, ‘Who is ITZY? Are they more famous than Geum Bo Ra? In our generation, Taesaja was very famous. I have to put Zero Cola in my pocket’.”

The Youtuber explained, “Livestream viewers later told me that idol group ITZY was right next to me and that they heard everything I said”, adding “ITZY members moved their seats with the manager because when we saw each other, I asked ‘Are you a celebrity?’.”

He continued, “At that time a man who seems to be their manager came forward and prevented me from asking more. It was a coincidence. I had been sitting next to her since we were in the airport lounge so the manager might have thought that I’m a sasaeng fan”, adding “Of course, I didn’t cause any confusion on the plane. I talked to her like talking to a normal passenger sitting next to me”.

Kagwang emphasized that he does not know anything about idols because he’s quite old and that people in the business class sit far from each other so they won’t hear him well unless he speaks loudly.


Lastly, Kagwang said, “I will suit media sites and malicious commenters for defamation as they used information on Twitter without checking the facts with me and the agency”, adding “I apologize to ITZY who must have felt uncomfortable due to my remark about Taesaja”.

Earlier, Kagwang accidentally encountered ITZY members when hosting a live broadcast on the plane. After the broadcast, netizens criticized him, pointing out that his behavior towards ITZY Chaeryeong was rude.

Source: Wikitree

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