Yoona, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Joo Hyun Young flaunted stunning visuals at Blue Dragon Awards: “We were busy teasing each other”

Idol-actress Yoona recently published photos of her at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards 

On July 21st, Yoona posted several photos of herself on her Instagram with the caption: “It’s nice to see you guys like this after meeting only on the filming set everyday.”

She then mentioned her upcoming K-drama “2 O’clock Date” and added: “We were busy teasing each other about our looks.”

In a published photo, Yoona and her co-stars in “2 O’clock Date” Ahn Bo Hyun and Joo Hyun Young were posing together. Yoona was boasting her goddess-like figure in a pure white dress, while Ahn Bo Hyun made a peace sign while dressed in a tuxedo, drawing attention with his outstanding height. On the other hand, Joo Hyun Young was making a cute expression and flaunting her youthful beauty in a sky blue down. 

snsd yoona ahn bo hyun joo hyun young

Another photo showed Yoona and Joo Hyun Young holding hands and smiling at the camera, showing a cute friendship between actresses with radiant visuals. 

In another photo, Yoona and Ahn Bo Hyun caught attention for standing affectionately close. The couple created a chic atmosphere in matching black formal wear.

Yoona, Ahn Bo Hyun, Joo Hyun Young are filming together for the upcoming K-drama “2 O’clock Date”, which is a romantic comedy following a woman who comes to meet a man everyday at 2 O’clock, who lives downstairs in the same apartment building with her. 

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