Yoo Young Jin “SM is not the true SM without Lee Soo Man…Follow teacher Lee’s decisions”

SM Entertainment’s director Yoo Young Jin expressed his opposition to executive producer Lee Soo Man’s exclusion from the current management, saying, “SM is not the true SM without teacher Lee Soo Man’s producing capabilities.”

On Feb 10th, Yoo Young Jin said through an official statement, “(The current management) unilaterally announced the SM 3.0 plan without discussing it with Lee Soo Man and even publicly said goodbye to Lee Soo Man. It’s very shocking. Lee Soo Man’s contract with the company ended last year, but he never said he would retire as a producer.”

Yoo Young Jin

Yoo Young Jin emphasized the need for Lee Soo Man, “I think Lee Soo Man is almost the only producer who can clearly understand the flow of culture and IT as well as predict how music will change and be consumed on future platforms. Thanks to teacher Lee’s batting eye, SM has been able to lead the past and present of K-pop, and SM has been preparing for the evolving future over the past few years.”

Lee Soo-man

Yoo Young Jin then added, “SM without Lee Soo Man’s producing capabilities is not the true SM. I, Yoo Young Jin, will follow teacher Lee Soo Man’s decisions by his side. I also conveyed my opinion to CEO Lee Sung Soo that I cannot work together with him in the current situation.”

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