“Reborn Rich” started well but ended with a bad ending, viewers react “We trusted the writer too much”

Viewers poured out disappointment over the unreasonable ending of “Reborn Rich”.

The ending, which was highly anticipated, eventually ruined the previous 15 episodes. “Reborn Rich” faced the same result as MBC’s “Big Mouth”, which was criticized for being too greedy. 

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In the last episode of “Reborn Rich”, which aired on December 25th, Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) returned to reality after dying as Jin Do Joon and took away Sunyang management rights from Sunyang brothers. Being scouted by CEO Oh (Park Hyuk Kwon) Hyun Woo then joined Miracle Investment and ended up being portrayed as the main character in chaebol reform.

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Episode 16, which was extended by 30 minutes for PPL, received criticism due to its absurd development and ending that couldn’t meet viewers’ expectations. Around 70% of the audience disagreed with how “Reborn Rich” ended. Contrary to viewers’ desire for a satisfying revenge planned by the male lead in his second life, the drama wrapped with an open ending. Some even complained that the writer should have jumped from episode 1 to episode 16 and turned the drama into a two-part series.

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The fact that the original work was so well-received, the writer of the drama version was stuck. She had to show her imagination and made changes to the story to somehow surpass the original work and come up with a wonderful ending that viewers would remember for a long time. However, the audience had started to worry about the ending ever since Do Joon proposed to Min Young (Shin Hyun Been) in episode 15 by predicting the silver medal of weightlifter Jang Mi Ran.

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Apart from the dump truck accident scene that was used twice, the line “What will happen happens anyway” was emphasized several times and led to the fact that Jin Do Joon dies in vain and Yoon Hyun Woo returns to the reality of 20 years later. That’s where the writer’s reckless decision began. Viewers’ interest in Hyun Woo suddenly halved as details were inconsistent and not properly covered. 

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Hyun Woo, who was shot in the head, wakes up after a week, and 700 billion won in slush funds, which had been donated, is used by Jin Sung Joon and his wife to increase their stakes in Sunyang C&T. In addition, Hyun Woo has no memory of ‘4-2 Jin Do Joon’ but he was found to be an accomplice in the car accident 20 years ago and even recorded the proof with a 2G phone. The USB, which has been stored in a pot for 20 years, is finally presented as decisive evidence at the hearing to overturn the game. 

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Chairman Jin Yang Chul has repeatedly stressed, “Don’t trust anyone”, but viewers seem to have trusted “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” writer too much. As she turned “the youngest son of a Conglomerate” into “the first son of a rice soup store family” and ruined the whole well-made 15 episodes with such a vain ending, what will happen to the stock price of RaemongRaein, the production company of “Reborn Rich”?

Source: Nate

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