“Doctor Cha” So A Rin Talks Her Role as Eun Seo, Friendship with Huening Bahiyyih, Role Model, and More

So A Rin expressed her gratitude for the popularity of “Doctor Cha” as she didn’t expect to receive so much love.

So A Rin shared her thoughts on the popularity of the ongoing drama “Doctor Cha,” saying, “To be honest, since the drama was pre-produced, I was somewhat excited and anxious at the same time. Before the first broadcast, I wondered if I did well, so I watched some monitor footage before the first broadcast. I had many thoughts about how the reaction would be. After watching it, I felt like I could have done a little better in certain parts. I had some regrets, but I think it’s something unavoidable. As I watched it later, there were moments when I thought, ‘I could have done this or that a little differently,’ but thankfully, the viewers gave me a lot of positive feedback. As an actress, I feel like I portrayed Eun Seo well.”

“Doctor Cha” So Ah Rin

So A Rin continued, “Through this project, I had the opportunity to act with senior actors, and I learned a lot from them. Kim Byung Chul reacts very well to his co-stars, even when it’s not his scene. When I acted with actresses like Uhm Jung Hwa or Myung Se Bin, they were very considerate of me. Since I have a lot of emotional sensitivity, they always considered me first and often said things like ‘Let Eun Seo go first.’ Such consideration may seem small, but it’s not easy, and seeing the seniors do that, I wanted to learn that kind of sense. I learned a lot by observing them.”

Furthermore, So A Rin said as a message to Choi Eun Seo, “Now, really let go of everything and live your own life. Eun Seo is somewhat entangled in things and stressed out. I hope she can let go of that now and focus on herself, without feeling inferiority or any other pressures.

So A Rin added, “Eun Seo is a character with complex emotions, so it wasn’t easy, but I didn’t really feel stressed. Instead, I saw it as a new challenge. Because it was a new role, I was interested and enjoyed the challenge. I thought Eun Seo was different from me, so I started by analyzing the character and considering her perspective. It was fun for me to experience all those different emotions.”

So A Rin revealed that she relieves stress by going on food tours. She developed an interest in art-related works through Choi Eun Seo’s preparation for the art college entrance exam.

“Doctor Cha” So Ah Rin
“Doctor Cha” So Ah Rin

So A Rin recalled her past while preparing for acting activities since elementary school. She said, “I’ve seen many friends who are preparing to become idols because I attended a specialized high school for idols. Actually, I also received a proposal for an idol debut, but I’ve wanted to act since I was young. When I watched actors on TV or in movies, I could feel the emotions they portrayed. I realized that even as a viewer, I could experience the same emotions, and it could be comforting. This made me think that acting has a positive influence. So, I had this vague thought of wanting to become such a person, and that’s why I asked my mom to enroll me in an acting academy. There’s often a gap between the real self and the character that actors play. It was fascinating to see that. It made me realize that they were acting, and it was impressive to see a different side of them. That’s why I wanted to act.”

In particular, So A Rin revealed that she is close friends with Kep1er’s Hueninh Bahiyyih. She said, “We’ve been friends since high school. We still contact each other every day, and she cheers me on when I appear on TV.”

“Doctor Cha” So A Rin Huening Bahiyyih

On another note, when asked about her role model as an actor, So A Rin mentioned Seo Hyun Jin. She explained, “I only briefly met her, but I couldn’t help but admire Seo Hyun Jin. She has excellent diction, and her ability to convey emotions is remarkable. I had a strong desire to learn from her.

Furthermore, when asked about the types of acting she would like to try in future projects, So A Rin replied, “I would like to try action thrillers and historical dramas. I also want to challenge myself in romantic comedies.”

Regarding her goal, So A Rin said, “As an actor, my ultimate goal is to become a person who has a positive influence. I want to convey emotions and give comfort as an actor. Moreover, I aspire to be recognized for my acting skills by playing diverse characters.”

Source: Daum. 

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