3 details that make the end of A Business Proposal cause controversy

A Business Proposal has a happy but incomplete ending.

A Business Proposal has officially ended after 12 episodes, with a happy ending for both main couples. Accordingly, Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) successfully proposed to Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong); and Sung Hoon (Kim Min Gyu) and Young Seo (Seol In Ah) moved in together to live as husband and wife.

However, this ending to many audiences is a disappointment. The last episode builds up the plot too quickly, the knots that have not been tied yet have been removed and above all, there are countless entanglements about the relationship between the characters.

1. Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah) wanted to cut ties with her father because of love

After hearing that her father asked Sung Hoon to end their relationship, Young Seo announced the severance of the father-daughter relationship. “It’s because of you since all you care about is money.” “You kicked mom out because she wasn’t up to your standards and you want to separate me from the man I love” are the reasons she gave.

A Business Proposal

Isn’t it too unreasonable that with just that number of reasons, Young Seo decided to cut ties with her father. Just because he didn’t respect her wishes, forbade her to marry someone she didn’t like and only think about money and status all day long. So who is wrong in this case? Or is the series trying to spread the idea that if your father does not agree with you , you should cut ties with him? Is it too wrong to build conflicts between father and daughter from the beginning of the series and cut off the relationship at the end of it?

A Business Proposal
It’s not wrong for Young Seo to follow the call of love, but it’s not right of her to turn away from her father.

 2. Still be friends with the one who you have crushed for 7 years?

A Business Proposal successfully built an obnoxious supporting male role who left the female lead alone for 7 years but then he was angry at her when he heard that she had a lover… But it seems that everything that Lee Min Woo (Song Won Seok) is doing is too superficial and half-heartedly. His influence did not make Tae MooHa Ri‘s love increase or decrease, the 7-year relationship between him and Ha Ri affected neither her love story nor her daily life.

The ending of this character is also sloppy. He decided to go to Europe to travel and hope that when he returns, the two will still be friends. The two do not come to an answer to the ambiguous love story for the past 7 years. Moreover, the trouble that Min Woo’s girlfriend caused to Ha Ri is solved by just an indirect apology. So, what’s the point of building a relationship between Ha Ri and Min Woo for 7 years?

 3. Constructing the ” Yes there are but for what” episodes

The ending of “A Business Proposal” is predictable as a happy ending. Therefore, it causes a feeling of dissatisfaction, even boredom. There are no plot twists, everything is too predictable. There are even unnecessary details that do absolutely nothing to the drama.

A Business Proposal” crammed all the details ranging from contradictions, solutions to misunderstandings in just 60 minutes. As a result, the drama became sloppy, clumsy and everything was all over the place. Typically, Tae Moo’s rumors of love went viral among the press but this problem was solved by just a simple explanation. This makes the audience feel like the episode is useless and has no contribution to the drama.

The most worth discussing thing is still the scene of the unexpected and rather superficial proposal scene when it only lasted 3 minutes of the main couple. The fact that there was no romantic wedding has triggered the audience. If this were a tragic drama, letting the couple be together would be enough. In contrast, this is a soft romantic drama so why didn’t they have a proper wedding? 

A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal aired the last episode on SBS on the evening of April 5th.

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