Golden Ramsay responds to “the call” from Mark (NCT) after the idol mentioned the chief in his latest single, “Golden Hour” 

Golden Ramsay created a funny interaction with Mark (NCT) after getting mentioned in the idol’s latest single.

On April 7th, Mark (NCT) released the second single “Golden Hour” through SM STATION’s next music project “NCT LAB.” Apart from the high-quality music, the reference in Mark’s new song also gained attention. Specifically, the lyric mentioned Golden Ramsay, the famous U.K. chief as follows: “Excuse mе, waiter / That golden yolk in the middle/ Make it right / I’m callin’ Gordon Ramsay.” 

Gordon Ramsay
Golden Ramsay once threw shade at Mark’s cooking skills on Twitter through a retweet 

In a recent livestream, Mark shared his inspiration for this new track. He said that he was inspired from an NCTzen’s tweet in 2018. In their post, the fan tagged Golden Ramsay in the tweet and asked: “My boyfriend was making eggs… What do you think?” The photo accompanying the tweet was taken from a program where Mark joined and was tasked with making eggs. In response, Ramsay said concisely, “Get back on Tinder,” as a way to shade Mark’s cooking. 


#stitch with @official_nct I’m still waiting for my call….hope the #eggs are better now !

♬ Golden Hour – MARK
Golden Ramsay responded to Mark (NCT) on TikTok 

Just as fans expected, after the song was out, Golden Ramsay made a TikTok video and dueted the idol. He gestured that he was waiting a call from Mark. In addition, he also captioned the clip as follows: “I’m still waiting for my call… hope the eggs are better now!” Fans take delight in the interaction. 

Currently, Mark is joining NCT Dream in the “THE DREAM SHOW2: In A DREAM” tour after releasing “Golden Hour.” 

Source: Billboardvn

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