Yoo Ah In’s mobile phone digital forensic result

As the police conducted a search and seizure at Yoo Ah In’s home, it was revealed that his cell phone was behind this.

On Feb 5th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit seized and searched the body of Yoo Ah In when he arrived from the U.S. for fear of the possibility of Yoo Ah In’s overseas escape. On that day, the police confiscated Yoo Ah In’s cell phone and began the digital forensic work. In addition, Yoo Ah In provided about 160 strands of body hair for the drug reaction test by the National Forensic Service.

yoo ah in

During this process, the police confirmed the situation of Yoo Ah In’s drug use and raided Yoo Ah In’s homes in Itaewon-dong and Hannam-dong on March 7th. The reason is known to be the mobile phone digital forensic result. It turned out that not only the drug component was detected in Yoo Ah In’s body hair, but his mobile phone records also contained the process of possessing drugs and the situation after that.

The police plan to summon Yoo Ah In soon for questioning. It is also said that the possibility of investigating his acquaintances is open.

yoo ah in

Yoo Ah In took 4 types of drugs: propofol, marijuana, ketamine and cocaine. In particular, it was shocking when it was known that he administered 4,400ml of propofol over the course of 73 visits to medical facilities in 2021 alone, with an average of approximately 60ml per visit, which is three times the recommended dosage for procedures such as gastroscopy. Usually, 15~20ml is an appropriate amount for gastroscopy.

Source: wikitree

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