K-Netizens talk about photos of Hyuna having skinship with Hui while she is dating E’Dawn

A post on Pann recently became the talk of the town for having two photos of Hyuna, now E’Dawn’s girlfriend, being close with the other Triple H member Hui.

Why did Hyuna fold Hui’s arm while she was dating E’Dawn?
Why did Hyuna fold Hui’s arm while she was dating E’Dawn?

(The original post has 510 upvotes and 23 downvotes)

Sources: Pann

[+339, -1] E’Dawn and Hyuna must have had to buy Hui beef everyday.
[+329, -1] If she did it to E’Dawn too often it would be too obvious, that’s why she does it to Hui, too.
[+144, -60] Doesn’t Hui look like VIXX’s Ken and E’Dawn looks like Jang Hyun Seung.
[+112, -0] I guess Soojin stepped on a dog’s foot.
[+85, -0] Hui seemed to be struggling, too. He must have known about Hyuna and E’Dawn’s relationship already.
[+77, -1] To make the other one jealous.
[+70, -1] Did she have a fight with E’Dawn? He was walking alone.
[+52, -0] That’s why kkkk she usually had so much skinship with Hui I thought she was dating him.
[+41, -0] I wonder what Triple H will become if the two break up.

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