2 reasons why G-Dragon and Jang Won-young’s absurd dating rumor is fake

The absurd dating rumor between BIGBANG G-Dragon (34, Kwon Ji-yong) and IVE Jang Won-young (18) is spreading. 

Recently, on an online community bulletin board, someone have posted an article raising suspicions about G-Dragon and Jang Won-young’s dating relationship. Recently, the two showed up at Paris Fashion Week wearing similar outfits. 

Jang Won-young recently appeared in the Miu Miu 2023 S/S collection, of which she is the ambassador, wearing a jacket with four pockets. This immediately drew attention because it was similar to the cardigan G-Dragon wore at Paris Fashion Week, which was recently captured. As a result, some responded that it was somewhat suspicious that a fashion Ambassador appeared in out-of-season clothing, claiming that the outfit is six seasons old already. 

According to insiders, Jang Won-young‘s outfit is not from a collection six seasons ago. 

A staff told Star News, “The product worn by Jang Won-young is a part of Miu Miu Holiday 23 collection that has not yet been released,” adding, “It will be released through the campaign in November.” 

G-Dragon’s recent post on social media also encouraged rumors of a romantic relationship with Jang Won-young. G-Dragon posted a photo of the gift he received from Miu Miu on Instagram on Oct 6th, saying, “Thank you for the lovely gift.” 

Under the phrase “lovely,” many are speculating that the Jang Won-young’s sticker may have hinted at their dating relationship. 

However, according to Star News, that Jang Won-young’s sticker was found to be a sticker that appears when searching for “Miu Miu” on Instagram Story.

Source: nate

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