World-class connection: Chef Paik Jong-won cooked for “this person”, and everyone is surprised

Cooking researcher/Chef Paik Jong-won’s friendship with this world-class star is drawing attention.

The main character this time is Jin, a member of the global group BTS.

Jin posted several photos on his Instagram on May 23rd without any caption.

The released photo shows Jin being invited to Paik Jong-won‘s house and posing friendly with him.

On this day, Jin showed off his warm visual through a selfie taken with Paik Jong-won, proving a friendship beyond age.

baek jong won - bts jin instagram

In addition, Paik Jong-won caught fans’ eyes by preparing a barbecue party on the terrace and serving delicious dishes.

bts jin instagram

The two then made a toast with wine and looked at each other with satisfaction. In particular, Paik Jong-won’s eyes showed his affection for Jin, making viewers happy.

baek jong won - bts jin instagram

Internet users who saw the photo responded enthusiastically, saying, “Wow, I envy you both,” “I’m so jealous of Mr. Paik,” “Are those dishes for real?” “I love Paik and Jin’s friendship,” “A wonderful person who buys meat for you,” “I envy his friendship with Paik Jong-won and Lee Yeon-bok.”

baek jong won - bts jin

Earlier, Jin showed off his strong friendship with Chef Lee Yeon-bok through SNS and TV shows, drawing great attention.

lee yeon bok - bts jin

Meanwhile, BTS, which includes Jin, will release its new album “Proof” on June 10th.

Source: wikitree

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