TWICE Momo and Sana showed off glamorous bodies with bold fashion choices

New updates from TWICE members Momo and Sana drew attention for sexy choice of clothes

On July 7th, Momo and Sana published photos of themselves, which were taken during a magazine photoshoot on their personal Instagram.

In particular, Sana boldly wore a backless dress that radiated a mature and elegant charm. The dress, which was embedded with sequins and crystals, gave a shiny effect that made Sana look like she came from an award ceremony. The bold, backless look also highlighted Sana’s cute yet sexy charm. 

Meanwhile, Momo also appeared super sexy with a tube top, pearl necklace, red skirt, and unique gloves. The female idol looked like a Barbie doll in her short hairstyle, and her ideal body was the talk of town. 

Fans left numerous comments on Sana and Momo’s photos, admiring the two’s beauty and physiques. “Her face and body are no joke”, “So sexy…”, “She looks so adorable, I really envy her”, “TWICE has gone really bold these days,” they said.  

Meanwhile, Momo and Sana’s group, TWICE, recently concluded their world tour with huge successes. 

Source: nate

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