Even Sandara Park, who remained loyal for 14 years, targeted YG, “Give me back the trophies”. What did YG do to 2NE1?

How did YG Entertainment treat 2NE1?

Sandara Park recently targeted YG in public. When receiving the Popularity Award at 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards held on December 29th, Sandara Park drew attention by saying, “I received many awards as 2NE1, but this is my first time standing here alone. My mom asked me where all the trophies I received had gone. If YG officials are watching this, please send me some of them quickly.”

Recently, 2NE1 members complained about their former agency YG one after another.

Sandara Park targeted YG

In an interview with AP Entertainment on December 17th, Leader CL received a question, asking, “In the past, Gong Min-ji said she knew the news of the group’s disbandment through media. Did the same thing happen to you?”. She answered, “To be honest, it happened to me either”. She continued, “I was at a Thanksgiving dinner, and my phone blew up. That was very heartbreaking for me”. After that, Park Bom also wrote “That’s true” on her SNS, proving that she also agreed with CL’s confession.

Fans were really shocked because even leader CL didn’t know about the disbandment of her group. 2NE1 stopped promoting group activities after Park Bom got caught trying to smuggle a large amount of amphetamine, which is a kind of illegal drug, in 2010. However, the fact that YG decided on important things, such as the disbandment, without discussing with the members in advance, was still unacceptable.

Sandara Park targeted YG

Fans’ anger was raised once again after Sandara Park expressed her dissatisfaction with YG. Sandara Park left the Philippines and came to South Korea in 2007 to join YG as a trainee. Although she already moved to Abyss Company in May this year, Sandara Park is known to be the member who stayed in YG for the longest time, for a total of 14 years. Therefore, fans speculated that there must have been many problems that caused even Sandara Park to make negative comments about YG.

Moreover, it is not common to see a celebrity publicly attack her old agency 5 years after the group’s disbandment. Fans are still raging at YG and wondering what 2NE1, who made significant contributions to create the current YG Entertainment along with Big Bang, had been through in the past.


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