WINNER’s Song Mino talked about trying to do his best in a show despite having depression 

Song Mino revealed why he likes camping.

I Live Alone

On the latest episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” which aired on the afternoon of March 25th, WINNER’s Song Mino and webtoon writer Kian 84 left to go to a”Healing Camp” together.

On this episode, Song Mino showed his care to Kian 84 and invited him to camp in Pocheon. Song Mino was in charge of not only camping supplies but also pickup and later had a deep conversation with Kian84.

Kian 84 was confused as Song Mino did everything, but the idol said, “Enjoy it. That’s why I invited you to camp. I’m satisfied when I get good feedback on what I do,” he said coolly.

They became good drinking friends. Song Mino made an eating show out of him eating ramyeon. He said, “I gain weight as I eat. I continue to manage (my body),” adding “I only eat when I come to the camp, not after 6 o’clock.”

To Song Mino, Kian 84 asked, “Without the happiness of eating, I feel like I have no soul. What is the joy of living these days?” In response, Song Min-ho replied, “Camping is the only way to generate energy and relieve depression.”

When asked, “Do you enjoy working?” Song Mino said, “I’m fine these days,” adding that he didn’t want to damage the team due to his past condition. He said, “Even if my condition is down, I don’t want to negatively affect the show, so I have to force myself to raise its tension (as it is my job), but it didn’t work out because of my severe depression.”

Not only Song Mino but also Park Na-rae, who was watching the episode in the studio, sympathized with Kian84’s words, “I think there will be a big gap between being alone the moment I go home after being gorgeous on TV.” However, when Kian 84 said, “When I watch TV, I feel like you will become an issue (a hot topic),” Song Mino did not miss the timing and expressed his pride, saying, “Because I’m good,” and laughed.

They gave each other positive energy and influence. Kian 84 said, “I’ll do my best to keep up with you. You’re a star, but I’m not.” Song Mino said, “I’m not that star. A superstar,” he said.

“In ‘I Live Alone’, the stars are you (Song Mino) and Key. There is no one else,” Kian 84 said, making variety award winners Jeon Hyun-moo and Park Na-rae, who are also cast members of the show, stand up and laugh.

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