Why is Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon suddenly rumored to be dating 2 junior female idols within a day? 

Fans even directly asked VIVIZ’s SinB and WJSN’s Seola about their relationships with Taeyeon. 

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has debuted for 15 years but her impact is still as solid as day one. She is always idolized and respected by many junior idols and selected as their role model. Recently, Taeyeon suddenly got involved in 2 dating rumors with junior girl group members, VIVIZ’s SinB and WJSN’s Seola. Where do these rumors come from?

Specifically, plenty of dating “evidence” of Taeyeon and her 2 female juniors were found, sparking dating rumors. After that, fans even asked SinB and Seola directly, and their answers drew much attention. 

Taeyeon SNSD
In just a day, Taeyeon suddenly got caught up in dating rumors…

Specifically, SinB gave a vague response, “Do you want me to explain the dating rumors with Taeyeon sunbaenim? I won’t explain, I’m sorry.”  As for Seola, she expressed her excitement, “There is a dating rumor between me and Taeyeon sunbaenim? I wish it was true.” Both Seola and SinB will be competing on Queendom 2 – Mnet’s upcoming show hosted by Taeyeon. These two female idols have been openly fangirling on Girls’ Generation’s leader.

But it turns out that SinB and Seola received this question not only because there was dating evidence, but mostly because this is currently one of the trends on social media. Fans will ask female idols about dating rumors with other female idols to see their reactions. 

Everyone is in love with Taeyeon, other girl group members are no exception

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