Despite the obvious risk, BIGBANG aims to win this time with just their music

The time has come, BIGBANG is coming back with new music for the first time in four years.

BIGBANG comeback 2022

According to YG Entertainment on Mar 16th, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, and Daesung recently finished filming their new music video. After recording the new song finished filming the music video, internally, BIGBANG’s comeback countdown has begun.

YG said, “The preparations for BIGBANG’s comeback are going smoothly,” adding, “We will let you know the details soon, including the release date of the new song.”

YG said earlier that BIGBANG will release a new song this spring. The agency said, “They will come back in spring when the flowers bloom,” indicating that the timing of their comeback is imminent.

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BIGBANG‘s upcoming new song is about four years after its single “Flower Road” was released in March 2018, and the members have spent a long hiatus as they enlisted one after another for their military duties.

However, as for the “problematic group” BIGBANG, their hiatus period was not peaceful. Not to mention former member Seungri, who shook the world by being at the center of the Burning Sun case, each member was on and off the news due to their own issue in addition to Seungri’s.

Member T.O.P was handed over to trial after allegations of him smoking cannabis were belatedly exposed during his military service, due to which he was eventually convicted and sentenced to probation. As a result, he was converted to a social service agent and completed his military duties as an alternative service agent.


G-Dragon was criticized for being in the hospital for a long time as a soldier due to a chronic ankle injury. He was discharged from the military amidst negative public reaction as he was suspected of having been on sick leave longer than other ordinary soldiers with the same disease and controversy over preferential hospitalization at military hospitals. In addition, Daesung was also criticized when an illegal entertainment establishment was caught operating in his building in Gangnam.

The only perfect member is Taeyang. He was married to actress Min Hyo-rin and enlisted in the army, and he was discharged after quietly completing his military service. Taeyang, who recently became a father, is the only member who can save BIGBANG‘s image.

Despite all controversies, BIGBANG has the biggest weapon, which is their music. BIGBANG, which debuted in 2006 and celebrated its 17th year this year, has released countless global hits such as ‘Lies’, ‘Last Farewell’, ‘Haru Haru’, ‘FANTASTIC BABY’, and ‘BANG BANG BANG’. As most of the members participated in writing and composing the lyrics themselves, they received great love as a ‘singer-songwriter’ group, which was rare at that time.

Their music has always been the most popular of their time, and their musicality has been well received. In particular, BIGBANG‘s music was not limited to the fandom, but enjoyed by a large number of people of all ages and genders. The reason BIGBANG‘s comeback is referred to as ‘return of a legend’ is not only because of the popularity they enjoyed in the past but also because of the power of their music.

In the past four years when BIGBANG was absent, the K-pop scene has changed quite a bit. There are many junior groups that are gaining attention in the global market. However, expectations for BIGBANG at home and abroad are still very high due to BIGBANG’s free-spirited music and stage.

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