Yoo Sun, the supporting actress who successfully took the spotlight of Seo Ye Ji in ‘Eve’

Yoo Sun plays the female supporting role in Seo Ye Ji’s Eve.

Eve” marks the return of Seo Ye Ji after a period of hiatus because of her private life scandal. Despite its not-so-impressive rating, “Eve” recorded many great achievements, especially in recovering the coverage of Seo Ye Ji.

Seo Ye-ji

Besides many compliments for the successful comeback of Seo Ye Ji, many people still find it difficult to accept her return. Some netizens said that the performance of the “crazy woman” was not satisfying enough. Different from the mixed reactions that Seo Ye Ji received, actress Yoo Sun was praised a lot by netizens for her excellent supporting role. In this drama, Yoo Sun plays Han So Ra, a beautiful and powerful woman who always wants to be in a unique position. She is the only daughter of powerful politician Han Pan Ro, whom Lee Ra El (Seo Ye Ji) approaches to carry out her revenge plan. Beneath her perfecti, confident and charming appearance, Han So Ra is always worried and afraid that her husband will cheat on her.

yoo sun eve

Born in 1976, Yoo Sun is a veteran actor who is like a “chameleon” of the Korean entertainment industry.  Over the past two decades, Yoo Sun has tried many different roles, although her reputation is not illustrious, she is always highly appreciated for her ability.  With the performance in Eve, Yoo Sun plays the role of a powerful woman with a chic and cool aura.  Her acting is said to overwhelm the female lead, especially the way she acts with her eyes.

Looking back on Yoo Sun’s career, one of her most memorable roles must be the role of a mother in “Mommy Don’t Cry” – a film that recreates the case of 41 male students sexually assaulting a female student.  She perfectly portrays the mother in the story.

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