Korean media made suspicions about Seo Ye-ji’s personality as she has yet got into another scandal 

Korean media outlet analyzed Seo Ye-ji‘s possibilities to regain the audience trust

Actress Seo Ye-ji was embroiled in a controversy over troubles with her neighbors following controversy over gaslighting her ex-boyfriend and forgery of her academic background. As a celebrity is a product of the public and entertainment business, the actress might have crossed the river where she could not return.

Seo Ye-ji was suspected of gaslighting her ex-boyfriend, actor Kim Jung-hyun, in April last year. Amid the disclosure of their private texts, to make matters worse, controversy over Seo Ye-ji‘s forgery of academic background and the controversy over her “Eat and run” flight ticket were added.

Seo Ye-ji

If a celebrity is a product released by an agency, an actor’s personality is also an aspect of that product. Seo Ye-ji, who has been acting in various romance dramas and genres with a pure image so far, was at her peak with her mysterious aura and acting skills, and has also been active as an advertising model. However, her mystery image as an actress was cracked a lot because of the scandals.

The public’s reaction was also cold. In other words, most of the public opinion was that they did not want to see celebrities who have bad personalities on TV or advertisements. Eventually, Seo Ye-ji dropped out of the drama she was scheduled to appear in at the time and had time to self-reflect. Was it because she noticed the public’s opinion? Seo Ye-ji recently confirmed her return with the tvN drama “Eve” and settled the situation with an apology, but there are many voices of criticism that this is also a trick for her return.

Seo Ye-ji

To make matters worse, the controversy over her father assaulting his neighbor broke out. According to a report by SBS Entertainment News on March 3rd, Seo Ye-ji‘s family and Internet user A had a conflict over parking spots in May last year, and A claimed that Seo Ye-ji‘s parents had a conflict with other residents by installing a dog fence on the public stairs. In the process, Seo Ye-ji‘s father once pushed A, and above all, A also claimed that the neighbors suffered for four years because of Seo Ye-ji parking at other people’s spots whenever she came to visit. A also claimed that Seo Ye-ji pressured her not to “post (any related articles) on the Internet.”

On the same day, the actress’s agency Gold Medalist admitted that the incident happened last year and that her parents’ home was a small villa, so there was a conflict with the neighbors due to the small parking space. Currently, parents have moved out due to this conflict, and Seo Ye-ji also apologized to the neighbors through a lawyer.

Seo Ye-ji

Her series of personality controversies has collapsed like dominoes. It is impossible to judge everything about a human on one sided opinions. However, people can get a lot about a person from the little things they do. 

No one knows the true nature of Seo Ye-ji. However, in a society where many members live together, if one person interferes with and damages someone’s daily life, that person’s personality can be assumed as problematic. Seo Ye-ji‘s previous actions were an unprecedented nuisance to the people around her. Of course, even her official apology, which seems to have been written in stereotype, is weak for her to be able to resume her activities. She didn’t even do any good deeds such as volunteer work and donation to make up for her mistakes. No one has the right to judge Seo Ye-ji. But at this point, how many people can trust the sincerity of popular celebrity Seo Ye-ji

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