“Why did they do it?” (G)I-DLE tearfully mentions Soo-jin, a former member who was accused of school violence

(G)I-DLE said they sang Soo-jin’s part together.

(G)I-DLE appeared on the web entertainment “IDDP” of “1theK” released on Mar 15th where they took a look at the reactions on SNS and online communities to their new album “I NEVER DIE.” The mention of Soo-jin, a former member, came out while they were looking at the online community theqoo. An account posted a video of (G)I-DLE’s stage at the Dubai Expo on Jan 17th with a caption saying, “(G)I-DLE performed ‘Latata” and sang the ‘Who’s afraid’ part together.”

(G)I-DLE Soojin

Yuqi said, “This is a performance in Dubai, I’m getting emotional. I don’t know why, but I’m really choked up.” Leader So-yeon said, “At first, I thought we should do this all together when we reorganized the part,” adding, “Five of us would be able to show as much energy (as Soo-jin).”


“(Who’s afraid?) It’s exactly what we want to say right now”, she emphasized. All the members agreed and showed their confidence.

(G)I-DLE Soojin

In February last year, Soo-jin was accused of being the perpetrator of school violence, so she suspended her activities. At that, (G)I-DLE’s agency, CUBE Entertainment, denied all the allegations and sued the accuser, but later, Soo-jin’s school alumni and actress Seo Shin-ae joined and made more revelations. Soo-jin then left (G)I-DLE in August of the same year and retired from the entertainment industry.


At that time, Seo Shin-ae said on Instagram, “Soo-jin consistently made groundless accusations and personal attacks toward me along with her gang anywhere, on my way to school, in the hall during breaks, or in the cafeteria, every day for about 2 years”.

seo shin ae

The actress then confessed, “It might have been just words due to the jealousy of young students, but words that hurt me deeply remain until now”.

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