Who is the “key” man behind Blackpink’s success?

Knet has given a lot of praise for Teddy’s trendy music.  Most of Blackpink’s hits have the mark of this man

Teddy is an important person of YG Entertainment as he has been with them since he was active in the group 1TYM until he became the main producer of the company.  He is the creator of a series of super hits of YG artists such as “Sunset Glow”, “Fantastic Baby”, “Bang Bang Bang” (BIGBANG), “Fire”, “I Don’t Care”, “I Am The Best “(2NE1),” Whistle “,” Playing With Fire “(Blackpink), …

Teddy is famous for his talent and reputation.  And few people know that 11 years ago the “music witch” of the YG family had “caught the eye” of Lady Gaga.  In 2009, Lady Gaga is a rising star of the US-UK music industry after the success of a series of hits such as “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, “Love Game” … Perhaps because she felt Teddy’s music was suitable for her style, Lady Gaga asked him to produce music for her.

Who is the “key” man behind Blackpink's success?

Last year, when “How You Like That” was still dominating the charts, the online community suddenly remembered Blackpink’s summer hit “As If It’s Your Last”.  On Kpop forums, fans suddenly shared a little-known fact about this hit.  “As If It’s Your Last” was actually composed… 10 years ago, even being selected by Teddy to become a track in 2NE1’s album “Can and Nobody”.

Korean fans have given a lot of praise to Teddy’s music.  Those who love Blackpink’s music in particular and YG artists, in general, have all heard about familiar names like Danny Chung, R.Tee, … and most notably Teddy.  It is he who has built Blackpink’s music style from the very beginning up to now, based on the girls’ personalities.

Who is the “key” man behind Blackpink's success?

Many comments that Blackpink’s music is successful thanks to Teddy.  But on the contrary, this producer also has his own principles when it comes to making music, one of which is to only produce music for people he knows well about their personalities and color.

2NE1 itself or Blackpink also needs to possess a special color so that they can receive the compositions from this “Music Witch”.

Sources: laodong

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