The female idol, who once was criticized by Knet for her appearance, becomes the sexiest maknae of Kpop

The female idol has a much more impressive appearance than when she first debuted

When she debuted, Hwasa (MAMAMOO) often received comments about her beauty.  At that time, her seductive, wild and sexy look was absolutely not the taste of Korean people.  However, things have completely changed in the present tense.  Hwasa has become the sexiest maknae of Kpop, conquering the public with a unique charisma and beauty.

Recently, Hwasa again attracted attention with a new series of magazine images.  The female idol wears luxurious branded clothes, showing off her sexy bareback.  In particular, Hwasa conquered the netizens with extremely close-up photos, highlighting the unique and beautiful facial features.  The seductive expression and attractive eyes of “the sexiest maknae of Kpop” also occupied the spotlight.

Different from the image when she debuted, Hwasa is increasingly seductive and luxurious
The photo of “the sexiest maknae of Kpop” in a deeply cut dress showing off her sexy bareback and face angle is the most memorable moment
This time, Hwasa transforms into a sexy but still elegant and feminine lady
Hwasa’s unique and seductive beauty gradually becomes a new standard of beauty
A close-up photo of her has proved her more-and-more pretty visual, making people surprised

Hwasa has often become the center of controversy because of having a look that is different from the standard.  Moreover, she also causes shock when wearing bold sexy outfits.  However, over time, Hwasa has succeeded in enchanting the public with its unique appearance, immense aura, and unique seductive style.  The female idol has created a new beauty standard, inspiring many young girls.

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