Where did Suga get infected from: The past 14-day schedule is unknown, a BTS member might self-quarantine?

The news that Suga tests positive for the ongoing virus makes ARMYs extremely worried.

Earlier today (December 24), Korean media reported that BTS’s Suga tested positive for the virus. Soon after, Big Hit also confirmed this information. The company representative said that Suga took the test after returning from the US on December 23, and received a positive result. Suga has had 2 shots of the vaccine and showed no symptoms. He is currently in self-quarantine at home.

BTS fans are leaving many comments online wishing Suga a speedy recovery. Although there are no symptoms, fans are still worried for the male idol because he might suffer from post-virus health problems.

Moreover, the question fans are asking now are: Where did Suga get infected from? Where did he travel to within the past 14 days? Will the other members of BTS have to self-quarantine because of close contact with Suga?

Where did Suga get infected from
After completing the schedule with BTS in Los Angeles in early December
Where did Suga get infected from
Suga had a long vacation in America
Where did Suga get infected from
Suga returned to Korea on December 23

After BTS completed the Permission To Dance On Stage tour in Los Angeles and the Jingle Ball 2021 schedule on December 4, the members started a long vacation. Jin, Jimin and Jungkook returned to Korea on December 5, then V and J-Hope flew back to Korea on December 10.  Leader RM returned on December 17, and finally Suga on December 23.

Thus, the two BTS members who have stayed in the US for the longest time are RM and Suga. Fans speculate that RM came in close contact with Suga and might have to self-isolate. Earlier, both RM and Suga posted photos of them going to the beach in Malibu, California during their recent vacation in the States.  Although the two photos were shared at different times, there are theories that the two members might have spent time together.

Where did Suga get infected from
RM posted a photo of him at Malibu beach on December 7
Where did Suga get infected from
Suga updated a similar photo on December 21
Where did Suga get infected from
Will RM have to go in quarantine because of contact with Suga?

Currently, Suga’s specific schedule in the US for the past 2 weeks remains a mystery to fans. It is difficult to know exactly where Suga got infected. Except for going to watch martial arts in Las Vegas on December 17, fans are completely clueless of the places Suga visited in the US.

Where did Suga get infected from
Suga went to see a martial arts match in Las Vegas on December 17

As for the rest of BTS, Suga’s infection probably won’t affect the group’s schedules much. BTS is on their second long vacation since the first one in 2019.

Earlier, Big Hit announced that the group would not attend year-end award shows and music festivals to spend time with family during the holiday season. Fans predict that BTS will resume their activities in mid or late January. Therefore, Suga can still continue his schedules with BTS after recovering.

Where did Suga get infected from
BTS is on vacation, so Suga’s infection won’t affect the group’s overall schedule much
Where did Suga get infected from
Fans have been trending many hashtags for Suga after the unfortunate news broke 

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