Weverse to launch a direct messaging service called “Weverse DM” next week

HYBE has announced that Weverse will launch “Weverse DM” next week. 

“Weverse DM” is a private messaging service that allows fans to exchange private messages with their favorite artists, just like chatting with friends. Fans can also receive photos, videos, and emojis from the artists.


This move by Weverse comes as no surprise as more and more K-pop entertainment companies are turning to direct messaging services to create a more personalized fan experience. 

In fact, Weverse DM is expected to offer a similar experience to DearU Bubble as both services allow fans to communicate with their idols through direct messaging.

Weverse DM provides a more user-friendly purchasing system. Fans can purchase the service using “Jelly”, Weverse’s official virtual currency. This eliminates the need for fans to go through multiple payment processes and ensures a hassle-free experience. On the other hand, DearU Bubble requires fans to purchase the service through a separate app, creating an additional step in the process.

Source: twitter

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