Controversy Erupts as K-Drama ‘Moving’ Illegally Circulates in China

Disney+ original series ‘Moving’ is being illegally distributed in China

Professor Seo Kyung-deok of Sungshin Women’s University emphasized the need for Chinese authorities to take proactive measures regarding the recent illegal distribution of Disney+ original K-drama ‘Moving.’ 

In a recent post on his Facebook, Professor Seo said, “Recently, Disney+’s major production ‘Moving’ has been illegally circulating in China.”


He added, “Illegal distribution of Korean content in China has become a daily occurrence. However, the audacity of doing so without feeling any shame is even more astounding.”

According to Professor Seo, Chinese content review site Douban has already created a review page for ‘Moving,’ and many reviews have been posted. 

Professor Seo criticized the habit of “thief-like viewing” in China, where popular K-dramas like ‘The Glory,’ ‘Squid Game,’ and ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ are illegally downloaded and watched.


He pointed out, “They freely create counterfeit goods using the Hallyu stars in these dramas and make them as their source of income. They engage in the audacious act of secretly watching and openly rating K-content.”

Currently, global streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ have not been officially launched in China. Yet, this year, hit K-dramas like ‘The Glory’ and ‘Moving’ have been openly distributed illegally in the Chinese local market.

Professor Seo emphasized that “now is the time for Chinese authorities to take proactive action.”

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He continued, “During the Beijing Winter Olympics last year, Chinese authorities conducted strict crackdowns to protect intellectual property rights and prevent illegal distribution related to the Olympic mascot. They are not unaware of this issue. They simply haven’t taken action until now. Therefore, from now on, Chinese authorities must learn how to respect the cultures of other countries and demonstrate their commitment through actions.”

He also urged, “Creating good content is important, but now is the time to pay more attention to establishing a system that can protect it worldwide.”

‘Moving,’ adapted from Kang Full’s original webtoon, tells the story of children with hidden superpowers living in the present and parents who lived in the past with a painful secret. After its release, the drama has been gaining worldwide popularity. 

Source: wikitree 

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