Here’s why netizens say they are sick of K-pop idols’ “Ending Fairy” shots on music shows these days 

As an idol fan, what do you think of a specific member being the “Ending Fairy” after every stage? 

Recently, a post titled “Am I the only one who is tired of idols’ ending fairy?” was shared on several online communities in Korea.


The original poster (OP) said, “I’m tired of only one or two members being shown as the ending fairy on music shows. I wish this could stop now.”


OP continued, “The ending shot with the entire group is more sentimental and pretty,” adding that they felt sick of the so-called “ending fairy” concept in which some members pose and act for the camera.

OP explained that as the time for the members to do their ending fairy shots on stage is getting unnecessarily longer, there are cases where viewers feel the secondhand embarrassment. 


In addition, OP said that it is disappointing and unfair that only the members chosen to be the ending fairies appear at the end of the performances. OP specified, “My bias rarely comes out as an ending fairy. If you’re going to do an ending fairy, it would be nice to let the members take turns doing it.”

Many netizens agreed with this post. They left comments such as: 

  • I like the feeling of a full-group ending
  • It feels more colorful and wholesome when the whole group appears in the ending shot rather than some individuals 
  • My favorite member wasn’t selected to be an ending fairy once during the whole promotion 

The “Ending Fairy” concept is believed to have originated from Mnet’s “Produce 101“ series, with the most iconic ending fairy moments being Jung Chaeyeon’s “Into The New World” stage in season 1 and Park Jihoon’s “Nayana” stage in season 2. 

Source: Insight

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