Winwin (WAYV) announces to sign a contract with YUEKAI Entertainment company in China

Recently, the news that Winwin signed a contract with a new management company in China caused a stir among netizens.

Winwin debuted for the first time in the NCT 127 lineup – the most popular subgroup in the NCT system.  He switched to WayV at the end of 2018, this sub-unit operates in China.  Since then, Winwin has never had a chance to come back with NCT 127. Recently, it was reported that Winwin has signed a contract with YUEKAI Entertainment company in China, while the male idol’s contract with SM Entertainment is still unexpired.

Winwin (WAYV) signing contract with YUEKAI Entertainment

This information was revealed by Chinese actor and singer Liu Yu Ning during the latest live stream on Weibo.  Specifically, this character said, “If you want to become an actor, you should sign a contract with our company. Actually, I met Winwin a few days ago and he also signed a contract with the company. He will have a smooth road to success.”

Winwin (WAYV) signing contract with YUEKAI Entertainment

“We first met through the variety show ‘My Brilliant Masters’ 3 years ago. I haven’t seen him since then but maybe we’ll meet again when we’re in the same company.”

On October 18, there was another rumor about Winwin being invited to the YUEKAI Entertainment event.  As such, fans are now speculating that all the rumors about Winwin having a dual contract are true.

  • “If I’m in a company that doesn’t respect me, that let me participate in the group’s promotions without solo activities, I will also sign with another agency.”
  • But WayV is based in South Korea.  Will he work in both China and Korea?”
  • “Good! He deserves success after years of hard work yet little in return.”
  • “That’s what SM gets for trying so hard to get the favor of the Chinese while Koreans of this age who show more talent lose their jobs…”


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