“Wednesday” star Jenna Ortega suddenly “dates” an NCT member and “get obsessed” with Kpop?

Jenna Ortega suddenly becomes the main character of a running trend in the Kpop community, and gets involved in all sorts of rumors 

Netflix’s original series “Wednesday”, which is based on “The Addams Family”, is becoming a global sensation, and its main actress, Jenna Ortega, is also enjoying huge fame. 

However, along with such popularity, the 2002 born actress found herself as the center of attention of the seemingly unrelated Kpop community, and her name constantly gets mentioned alongside artists like SNSD, BLACKPINK, BTS RM, Taemin, and more. There are even rumors that she is dating NCT Haechan. But where do all of these come from? 

jenna ortega wednesdays addams
“Wednesday” star Jenna Ortega is enjoying great fame 
jenna ortega
Along with popularity, however, she also got involved in a lot of rumors 

“Dating scandal” with NCT Haechan 

The source of everything actually originates from Emma Myers, a co-star of Jenna Ortega in “Wednesday”, who plays the role of Wednesday’s roommate, Enid Sinclair. Accordingly, Emma Myers is a huge Kpop fan, following various groups on Instagram and constantly expressing her love for artists such as SEVENTEEN and LE SSERAFIM

emma myers jenna ortega
Emma Myers is a huge Kpop fans 

As a result, the series “Wednesday” started to gain the attention of the Kpop community, and as the female lead, Jenna Ortega is no exception. A video joking that Jenna Ortega and NCT Haechan are dating suddenly blew up on the video platform TikTok, and those that knew no further were completely fooled. 

On Twitter, which has always been a homeground for the international Kpop communities, Jenna and Haechan names started to be mentioned together, and clueless users freaked out, constantly asking about the dating rumors between them. There is absolutely no evidence, but word of mouth carries the story out of control. 

As it turns out, the TikTok account “kpopstan5670” made a video filled with facts like “All Of Us Are Dead getting a 2nd season” and “HyunA and Dawn have broken up”, but suddenly added the joke “Jenna Ortega and Haechan are dating”, effectively fooling a lot of people. 

Within 6 hours, the video has surpassed 459,300 views and 59,400 likes, and those who have watched the video began to talk about it on Twitter. 

So far, many have reached the conclusion that this is a joke, since Kpop fans often make sarcastic videos with “fake facts” as a trend. The two involved artists also remained silent about the rumor, causing it to die down. 

Suddenly becomes a fan of SNSD and BLACKPINK

However, Jenna Ortega is not only mentioned for her dating news, but also becomes “obsessed” with various Kpop artists. 

Apparently, there is a running trend in the Kpop community, where fans wrote fake posts about Jenna Ortega being obsessed with their favorite Kpop artists, going from SNSD, RM (BTS), BLACKPINK, Taemin, Stray Kids, to LOONA. Some even made a thread claiming that these are “facts” about Jenna Ortega, getting a lot of people to believe them. 

The posts all follow the same template of “Jenna Ortega says lately that she has been obsessed with”, and is by no means true. In fact, the trend has now spread outside of Kpop, and now Jenna is a fan of American artists, actors, and actresses as well. In fact, “Captain Marvel” actress Brie Larson also fell for the fake trend, even inviting Jenna Ortega to her YouTube, thinking the “Wednesday” star was a fan. 

On the other hand, Jenna Ortega, born in 2002, is an American actress, who used to be a Disney star. She enjoyed explosive fame after starring in the Netflix original series “Wednesday”.

Source: k14

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