“Wannabe Star” BTS Jimin, Benny Blanco is also his real fan… Become global topic with fascinating vocal in “Bad Decisions”

BTS Jimin showed off his presence as “Vocal King” and “Wannabe Star” by creating another masterpiece with his captivating voice.

On August 5th (KST), the official digital copy and music video of the single “Bad Decisions” were released as a collaboration between producer Benny Blanco, who created hits for world-class pop stars (such as Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber), legendary rapper Snoop Dogg and BTS‘ vocal line members.

“Bad Decisions” adopts the dance genre, and provides a cool feeling on a hot summer day with its light beat and lyrics conveying honest feelings to a loved one. Immediately after its release, the addictive vocals of Jimin, who is famous for his special tone, quickly emerged as a hot topic.

Jimin, the team’s lead vocalist, boasted his unique tone and jewel-like vocal cords with a high octave. Listeners were captivated at once the moment they heard his innate sense of rhythm playing with the melody freely.

Jimin, who showed excellent power of delivery with his sexy perfect English pronunciation, sang the lyrics “So give me all your kisses. I want you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, baby, every night” in a fascinating voice, drawing explosive responses.

After the release of the new song, fans showed reactions such as “Sexy English pronunciation”, “I fall in love with your jewel-like tone again”, “Your charming and refreshing voice makes me crazy”, “It’s too short, I want to hear more”, “It’s addictive” and “I love you my singer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, baby, every night.”

In particular, Benny Blanco, who attracted attention with Jimin’s “Dynamite” outfit throughout the music video, made headlines by mentioning Jimin on his Twitter account several times.

Benny Blanco, who appeared in Jimin’s costume in a short video introducing the song on August 3rd before the official release of “Bad Decisions”, started promoting with a cheerful look by pointing to himself and saying “JIMIN?” in the same clothes as Jimin shortly after Jimin’s face appeared.

After the music video was released, Benny Blanco shared a video of him trying to become Jimin on Twitter with the caption “There’s only one Jimin but at least I tried my best”. This gave us a glimpse into Jimin’s global topicality and status of “Wannabe Superstar” that global stars want to resemble.

In addition, a proof shot of Benny Blanco wearing a mask (Jimin’s goods) and holding a box with a picture of Jimin’s face was released, proving that he is a “real fan” in reality.

The U.S. Billboard News once again proved the status of “Jim-merica (Jimin + America)” by reporting, “The first clip of BTS, Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg’s ‘Bad Decisions’ features dramatic narration and Blanco trying to be Jimin.”

In the music video, Benny Blanco’s chaotic appearance while wearing Jimin’s outfit as a costume to go watch BTS’ concert became a hot topic, making fans burst into laughter.

When Jimin, who saw Benny Blanco’s tweet that he tried his best to become Jimin, cited it with a laughing emoticon, Benny Blanco retweeted Jimin’s tweet. Their warm “bromance chemistry” drew enthusiastic responses from fans.

Depending on the mood of the song being released, Jimin, who is surprising everyone with his vocals, is drawing more attention from fans to see how he will captivate the world by his solo album and individual activities in the future.

Source: daum

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