NCT’s Lucas officially left the group after a love scandal, but still remains in SM. What does his future look like?

Lucas, who was embroiled in controversy over his private life, is leaving both NCT and NCT’s Chinese unit WayV.

On the afternoon of May 10th, SM unexpectedly announced that Lucas would be leaving the NCT – WayV lineup and continuing his solo activities. The news has caused a stir in the Kpop fan community, especially among NCT fans. After the love scandal in 2021, Lucas was boycotted by the NCT fandom and asked to leave the group multiple times. However, SM remained silent in the face of audience opposition. In early 2023, Lucas was spotted with high-ranking SM personnel, practicing dance and rumored to be making a comeback soon. The news of the male idol leaving NCT – WayV has made fans happy.


According to this announcement, Lucas will leave the lineup of both groups but will still remain with SM. The Super M project lineup has not been revealed yet. It may be a long time before SuperM makes a comeback, especially with Kai’s upcoming enlistment. So, does Lucas still have a chance to continue working with this boygroup?


Lucas – Huang Xu Xi, born in 1999, is a Chinese member of NCT and WayV. He used to be the most popular member and was highly favored by SM.

In 2021, Lucas was embroiled in a private life controversy. At that time, A, a Korean woman who claimed to be Lucas’s ex-girlfriend, revealed that she had been gaslighted by Lucas after dating and breaking up with him several times for years.


In particular, A also said that she gave Lucas luxury gifts and paid for their hotel reservations and his cigarettes. Later, another Chinese woman also claimed to have dated Lucas and added the suspicions that Lucas dated Korean and Chinese female fans at the same time.

Regarding that, Lucas’s agency SM apologized, saying “We are sorry for causing concerns to fans due to Lucas’s private life issue”.

In addition, all contents, including Lucas and Hendery’s “Jalapeño” single and music video releases scheduled around that time, were all suspended.

Lucas also posted an apology on his SNS account, saying “I sincerely apologized to those who have been hurt by my wrongdoings”, adding “If you give me a chance, I would like to apologize to you in person.”

Since then, Lucas has stopped his activities with NCT as well as WayV and only informed fans of his whereabouts through Instagram.

Source: Insight

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