BLACKPINK Jennie spoiled a song collaboration with The Weeknd?

Jennie, a member of BLACKPINK, has stirred up music fans by hinting a new song collaboration with The Weeknd.

On May 10th, BLACKPINK Jennie appeared at the launch event for the Calvin Klein x Jennie limited collection, where the female idol tried her hand at designing clothes. The event has been drawing huge media attention with the appearance of famous stars like BTS Jungkook, Irene Kim, Mai Davika, the Simi-Haze sisters, and so on.


In addition, fans of Jennie also got excited by a new song, which seems to be a collaboration between Jennie and The Weeknd. If true, this will be the two’s 2nd project together, after the upcoming HBO drama “The Idol”. 


In particular, during a DJ session, Jennie and the Simi-Haze twins played music very happily. Suddenly, a strange piece of music started playing. It was not hard to recognize Jennie’s unique, captivating voice, alongside a male voice that sounds distinctive like The Weekend. At the same time, it is well known that Jennie is close friends with Simi, The Weeknd’s girlfriend, leading to a likely collaboration. 

The Weeknd’s girlfriend, Simi, is close with Jennie
The Weeknd jennie
Jennie also shared the music snippet on her Instagram 

Afterwards, Jennie also shared the video with the song on her Instagram story, and tagged the official accounts of “The Idol” and “The Weeknd”. With this, it seems that Jennie and The Weeknd’s song will be used for the OST of “The Idol”. Meanwhile, the music snippet has also quickly gone viral on social media, demonstrating the immense popularity of the two global stars.

Jennie at the Calvin Klein x Jennie event

At the party, Jennie captivated the public with her enchanting moments, enjoying captivating music. Her sweet beauty, seductive body, and energy-filled expressions took the spotlight.

Jennie and The Weeknd are co-stars in “The Idol”

While having distinct musical styles, Jennie and The Weeknd’s voices show great harmony.  The public believes that they are perfect musical partners for each other, and this collaboration has been anticipated for a long time. Ever since Jennie was spotted dining with The Weeknd in the US, and appearing at the Coachella 2022 after-party, people have speculated that the two would definitely collaborate.

“The Idol”, featuring Jennie, is set to premiere in June.

Source: k14

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