Viral Video: Girlfriend Who Couldn’t Recognize Boyfriend Due to Anesthesia After Endoscopy Reacts During Their Kiss

A video of a woman who couldn’t recognize her boyfriend due to the anesthesia not wearing off completely goes viral

Recently, a video of a couple released in March has been gaining much attention online. In the video, a woman is lying on a hospital bed, and her boyfriend looks at her warmly.

After completing the endoscopy and coming out to the hospital room, the girlfriend still seems disoriented due to the anesthesia not wearing off completely. With her mind still foggy, she couldn’t recognize her boyfriend who was looking at her. 


Surprisingly, although she couldn’t recognize him, she fell in love with him all over again. Not realizing he was her boyfriend, she exclaimed, “You’re handsome,” and the man burst into laughter.

She then took her boyfriend’s hat and, after he said, “It suits you. I like it,” she said, “I think you’re cute” to express her affection. She continued to be actively affectionate, touching her boyfriend’s face with her fingers. The boyfriend then kissed her on the cheek in response.

She then opened her mouth in surprise and said, “That cute guy just kissed me,” and laughed. When they kissed on the lips, she looked as if she saw stars in front of her and expressed amazement.

Netizens left comments such as, “This is true love,” “So lovely,” “This video must be played at weddings,” and “Get married.”

Source: insight

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