Viewers are pouring out criticism toward the character Jin Do Joon in “Reborn Rich” due to his political stance and revenge method

The viewers’ discussion on the content of JTBC’s “Reborn Rich” is as hot as the drama’s soaring popularity.

Although “Reborn Rich” is about to reach 20%, as Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) is carrying out more intense moves in his revenge plan, complaints and criticism towards the character also grow. 

song joong ki lee sung min reborn rich

In fact, right after the broadcast of episode 7, viewers continue to pour out harsh complaints on various chatrooms and the community bulletin board. Many people are criticizing the method Jin Do Joon, the reincarnation of Yoon Hyun Woo, who was murdered by Sunyang, use to take revenge on Sunyang Group’s Chairman Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min). In fact, it was Jin Do Joon’s political remark, “Kim in the North can’t stand the fact that children inherit wealth from their rich parents. Why do people take this kind of succession in chaebol families in the South as something obvious?”, in episode 7 that created a heated debate among netizens. 

After the broadcast, netizens were divided into left-wing and right-wing groups, and they are expressing discomfort over the revenge the grandson’s revenge method, which is hitting the back of his grandfather’s head.

song joong ki reborn rich

A netizen said, “The title should be changed to ‘Left-wing Son of a Rice Soup Family’”, adding “The grandfather has lived diligently all his life and just wants to pass on his wealth and money to his beloved children. Isn’t it a socialist idea to hate on that? It’s like the real face of left-wing people who shout for democracy outside but always praise socialism and communism”.

Another netizen complained, “Jin Do Joon is so ungrateful. When he was young, he pretended to be worried about his grandfather and the family with the plane attack incident. His grandfather started as a dirt spoon, and he worked as a delivery man before gradually building the large company Sunyang. However, Jin Do Joon considers such a grandfather an old man who only cares about money. He tries to take over that old mand’s hard-working effort by stabbing on his back”.

song joong ki reborn rich

In addition, other viewers also raised issues about the character Jin Do Joon, saying “He said he didn’t care about his grandfather and family’s business and was only focusing on studying. He lied to his grandfather saying he would help his grandfather’s business after graduating from law school. From behind, he encouraged his uncles and aunts to fight against his grandfather and hit his grandfather in the back with the money he inherited from him. What’s funnier is that he blamed his grandfather for his mother’s death, but insisted that he should inherit Sunyang Group because he’s the grandson who resembles his grandfather the most. This character is like a psychopath. He’s inconsistent, unprincipled, and ungrateful.”

song joong ki the youngest son of the chaebol family

However, thanks to Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min’s amazing acting skills and overwhelming charms, no one can deny that “Reborn Rich” is currently the most popular drama.

Attention is focused on the developments of the drama in its second half and how the production team will solve the controversy over the character’s Jin Do Joon, whose revenge method has become less convincing since he is said to be a left-wing supporter. 

Source: Daum

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