‘f(x)’ Victoria kisses her girl friend

Victoria from f(x) has currently released a shocking update.

'f(x)' Victoria kisses her girl friend

Chinese actor Wang Xiaochen posted on her Weibo on the 25th photos of her and Victoria along with the caption, “The most perfect woman in my eyes. A beautiful person who is kind, lovely, and always works hard.

The photos that Wang Xiaochen shared have become a hot topic. Wang Xiaochen and f(x) Victoria were holding hands while cutting the cake. In another photo, the two were kissing, surprising netizens.

'f(x)' Victoria kisses her girl friend
f(x) Victoria

Korean netizens were surprised even more. Because it is not common for same-sex friends to kiss on the lips in Korea. However, same-sex kisses are common in China.

Knets showed various reactions such as “Is this something common there?”, “That’s shocking”, “It seems that kissing between actresses is a fan service concept rather than something common.


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