V of BTS Confirmed as Celine’s Global Ambassador: First Official Appearance as ‘Celine Boy’

BTS V is confirmed to be ‘Celine Boy’.

After the Celine pop-up event last night, BigHit shared an article on its official SNS channel titled “V (BTS) is Celine’s global ambassador… First official appearance as ‘Celine Boy’.” This can be seen as a statement from the company confirming that V is Celine’s new global ambassador.


This news is undoubtedly exciting for BTS fans, who have been eagerly anticipating more updates about V’s future projects. It is also a significant milestone for V, who has been making a name for himself both as a member of BTS and as a solo artist. The fact that he is now the global ambassador for a luxury brand like Celine is a testament to his talent and influence in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, on the 30th, V attended the Celine pop-up store celebration photo call held at The Hyundai on Yeouido, Seoul. On this day, V perfectly pulled off the Celine homme summer 23 collection items, completing a charm that alternates between charisma and a refreshing boy.

Source: Bighit

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