Two popular types of dancers in Kpop idol groups

Dancing is a crucial part of Kpop, but do you know most Kpop main and lead dancers can be classified into 2 groups?

In a Kpop group, there will always be at least one main and lead dancer, who deliver explosive dance breaks and spectacular choreographies. Most of these dancers can be classified into 2 types. 

lisa momo
The main dancers of Kpop can be separated into 2 types

The first type of Kpop dancers are “power dancers”, who often boast strong and sharp movements. As a result, they are suited for energy and lively songs – which is extremely prevalent in Kpop. Prime examples of “power dancers” include TWICE Momo, EXO Kai, aespa Karina, ITZY Yeji, Oh My Girl YooA, Chungha, ATEEZ Wooyoung, and SEVENTEEN Dino.

karina momo kai yeji
Kpop idols who opt for a more powerful dancing style. 

Among the aforementioned, TWICE Momo shows pretty evident moves. The female idol seems to pour all her energy into her dancing, and her athletic physique adds to the performances. Momo is also dubbed a “dancing machine” thanks to her powerful moves. 

Momo twice
TWICE Momo is dubbed as a “dancing machine”
Momo twice
The female idol’s performance never fell short of expectations.

EXO Kai is also a prominent “dancing machine”. With his lethal charms, the male idol easily steals the spotlight whenever he comes on stage. In fact, he is often named among the top idol dancers. 

Kai’s buff body is extremely suitable for the powerful dancing style.
exo kai
The male idol is an iconic “dancing machine” of SM Entertainment.

It is no exaggeration to say that Chungha is among the top female dancers of Kpop 3rd gen. The soloist boasts a unique dancing style that attracts eyes whenever she performs. Despite her small frame, Chungha’s dancing prowess overwhelms the stage with intense power. 

Chungha is considered a top idol dancer of Kpop’s 3rd generation.

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