Jessi takes sexy to the extreme with full-body sheer and lingerie 

Rapper Jessi exudes maximum sexiness with a provocative full body sheer outfit that reveals her underwear.

On June 1st, Jessi shared multiple photos and videos on her Instagram account, updating her followers on her recent activities. The released footage captured Jessi striking various poses at a brand event.


On that day, Jessi wore a full-body sheer outfit over beige-tone lingerie, showcasing her stunning curves and ideal body. 

With her hand resting on her waist, Jessi flaunted her stunning visuals, leaving viewers amazed.

Furthermore, Jessi captivated fans with her plump lips and dreamy gaze.


At the same time, Jessi’s on-stage performance of the wave dance exuded a decadent aura, heating up the atmosphere.

Upon seeing her, netizens couldn’t help but praise Jessi’s flawless physique and left comments such as, “She’s a goddess” and “It’s Jessi, so she can pull off that style.”

On the other hand, in July, Jessi left her former agency, P Nation, and has since met fans worldwide through various performances.

Source: Insight

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