“Male idols to whom you want to give a ring and confess?”… BTS’s V ranks 1st place

BTS’s V drew attention as he topped the ranking of “Male idols to whom you want to give a ring and confess”.

V ranked 1st place in the survey “Male idols to whom you want to give a ring and confess?”, which was conducted on the idol community site Choeaedol from July 8th to July 14th.

V topped the list with 24,078 votes out of 54,379 votes. Nicknamed “CGV”, “The world’s most handsome guy”, “The face of K-pop”, etc., BTS’s V has been considered a representative male idol who owns an outstanding “national treasure” beauty that even nonfans admire.


In addition, V flutters the hearts of fans around the world with not only his amazing visual but also his chameleon-like charms, natural senses, and talents. 

V was recently invited by Hedi Slimane, who hosted the CELINE Fashion Show, to attend Paris Fashion Week with a private jet, proving his reputation as a “born-to-be superstar”. V stole the spotlight by attracting thousands of fans to the show with his strong presence and got praised with names like “Kim Tae-hyung’s effect”, “Fashion Show Highlight”, “CELINE’s megastar”, etc. 

In addition, V, who tells fans “I’ll leave a purple balloon in your dream”, is also the most romantic person chosen by BTS members. Born with natural beauty, talent and all the qualities of a star, V is often praised for his “masterpiece-like face, fairytale-like personality, and a movie-like life”. He captivates fans around the world with his sincere affection, pure sensitivity, great personality. 


Source: Daum

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