After 4 years, f(x) member talked about Sulli and her scandals for the first time

Host Kim Gura suddenly mentioned Sulli on air to Luna (f(x)) and this is her reaction.

In the latest episode of “Radio Star”, Luna of f(x) expressed her thoughts about “spotlight/ attracting attention”. “It’s okay even if they swear at me as long as it became an issue. There was no comment about me on the internet so I have to write something myself”, Luna expressed her feelings of wanting to be in the center of attention again like before.

On this topic, host Kim Gura suddenly mentioned the former member from the same group of LunaSulli, who was often on the social network thanks to the shocking and revealing images. He received an interesting response with a hint of awkward from Luna.

“Talking about the issue of taking the spotlight, your group ex-member – Sulli – really did a good job. Why don’t you tell her to give you a tip?”, host Kim Gura asked Luna. After being suddenly asked about Sulli, Luna was stunned, somewhat surprised and asked host Kim Gura with a wry smile: “Um … Why did you suddenly mention Sulli?”.

Luna herself has to admit that Sulli is a character who has repeatedly been at the center of attention, however, she changes the topic to other members to avoid mentioning too much to Sulli: “She is a member who left the group anyway, that’s why … I often researched how other members of the group are doing online, Krystal uploaded pictures people wanted to see, she took good pictures with the beautiful angles and her clothes are also beautiful. “

Luna must admit that Sulli is a character who loves to draw attention. This was the first time Luna talked about Sulli after Sulli left the group in 2015.
However, Krystal is a member praised by Luna for her classy way of attracting attention on Instagram

Source: kenh14

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