The two leads’ first bed scene in “Business Proposal” draws negative reactions for being clumsy 

Korean netizens are not satisfied with the steamy scene of “Business Proposal” Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong. 

Business Proposal” episode 11 aired on April 4 brought the audience a steamy bedroom scene of Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong). This is also the longest bed scene of the drama. However, contrary to the explosive reactions to the viral bed scene of the second lead couple, Korean netizens are showing negative reactions to the long-awaited “adult romance” scene between the main couple. 

Korean netizens say that instead of hot and sexy, the bed scene between Tae Moo and Ha Ri is clumsy and even feels funny, with underwhelming chemistry and directing. The two leads are said to look like they don’t have experience in bed scenes, so their chemistry is off. In addition, Ha Ri‘s outfit is not suitable. Her skirt is too long, making the scene look less attractive.

Korean netizens thought the scene looked awkward and commented:

  • Both The acting and directing are clumsy.
  • I really liked the drama, but I couldn’t watch this part. It’s too awkward and cringey. 
  • What is this? From the way the body moves to the filming angle, everything is so weird. Tae Moo lifted Ha Ri off the table like he was lifting a package.
  • Why is it so weird? The filming angle? The writing? Acting? Chemistry? Everything feels so off.
  • It’s not heart-fluttering, just clumsy. This is the first time I watched a bed scene and didn’t have any emotions. It’s like two people who have no experience with bed scenes and put what they learned in the classroom to practice.
  • Isn’t there a problem with Ha Ri’s outfit? The long skirt looks so boring, if only she wore a pair of pants in this scene.
  • My newsfeed is flooded with these pictures, I just saw them and I was like, what the hell? it’s funny rather than hot
  • The second lead couple’s scene where Sung Hoon takes off his glasses ate this up. The leads look clumsy. 
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