A Chinese actress looks like Nayeon (TWICE), leading to a great controversy on social media

Many Knet argued about who is prettier between Nayeon (TWICE) and this Chinese female star

One of the most interesting topics on online forums is when one star is said to possess the beauty or vibe of another. Topics like that often lead to great controversy on social media.

In addition, netizens will also argue about who is prettier. Recently, such a debate happened when someone thought that Nayeon (TWICE) and this Chinese actress looked alike.

A Chinese female star is making Knet interested when someone thinks that she has an appearance and vibe similar to Nayeon (TWICE)

Recently on a Korean online forum, a Knet posted a series of photos of a Chinese female star with the title: ‘A Chinese celebrity looks like Nayeon (TWICE)’. The main character in this post is Janice Wu, a quite famous actor in China with a youthful appearance and impressive roles.

Janice Wu was born in 1992. She has participated in many famous films such as “My Amazing Boyfriend”, “Skate Into Love”, “The Brightest Star in The Sky”, “Le Coup de Foudre”…

Janice Wo always appears with a young, pretty and sweet and cute image. Perhaps it is because of her bright radiant aura, lovely expression and especially the bright smile that some people think she looks like Nayeon.

Some comments of Knet:

–  Nayeon is much prettier than her.

– Why do I think of Song Joong Ki when I look at her?

– Do they look alike ?!

– She reminds me of KARA’s Kang Jiyoung.

– Oh, it turns out it’s not only me who thinks she looks more like Song Joong Ki?

– She looks like a mix between Nayeon and Kim Tae Ri.

– Nayeon is prettier, much fresher.

– I think she’s prettier than Nayeon.

– Nayeon is prettier, or at least in my eyes.

– They both have a pure, bright aura, but their faces are not the same.

– They don’t look alike at all but their smiles and expressions are the same.

– They don’t look alike, but her smile really looks like Nayeon’s.

Source: Theqoo

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  1. They we’re both beautiful in their own way. But in my eyes they were not alike…but I think Nayeon looks more alike with a Chinese actress from the drama ( My dear Lady) her name is (Jiang Mengjie).

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