TWICE’s Sana Talked About Dieting, “I Survived On Just 8 Cherry Tomatoes A Day”

TWICE’s Sana confessed her struggles with dieting

On September 21st, the YouTube channel “117” uploaded a video titled “[Dex’s Fridge Interview] A special meeting with world star Sana that he dreamed of”.

Recalling the time when the first guest of “Dex’s Fridge Interview” was cast, Dex said he was very surprised and couldn’t believe it. He then promised to do his best as an MC despite being a fan of Sana.


Sana praised Dex, saying “I think you are much more handsome in person”. In response, Dex said, “You look much prettier in person. Even using lenses worth tens of millions of won, it can’t capture this face. I was surprised. Looks like her face is smaller than an ostrich egg”.

Later, Sana introduced various kinds of drinks in her refrigerator. 

The TWICE member surprised Dex when she said, “If I eat cereal with this yogurt, it tastes actually good. When I was a trainee, I was really stressed and there was a moment when I gained more weight. There was a time when I survived on just 8 cherry tomatoes a day. It was before the debut”

She continued, “I personally controlled myself after the debut. I bought Hong Cho because it’s really delicious if it’s mixed with this sparkling water. One of the members was drinking it. I tried a sip and it tasted really great so I continued drinking it”.

Listening to Sana’s story, Dex then asked about tips for maintaining her diet. Sana replied, “I think TWICE activities are a bit easier than that of MISAMO unit. If we receive some messages or requests from the company, and since we have 9 members, if I find it too bothersome to reply on a certain day and then five members reply first in our group chat, it’s done”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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