TWICE’s poor digital achievement with “Scientist” shocks netizens

Korean netizens on Pann are discussing the low position of TWICE’s new song on digital music platforms Melon and Genie.

On the popular Korean online forum Pann, a netizen recently posted some captured photos of Melon and Genie’s Daily Chart, pointing out that the digital achievement of TWICE’s new comeback song “Scientist” is unexpectedly low.

TWICE is known for being a “digital monster” with numerous All Kills and Perfect All Kills in the past. However, despite its promising album sales, TWICE’s new album only managed to climb up to the 95th spot on Melon Daily Chart TOP 100 and 144th spot on Genie Daily Chart after a day of its release.

The OP also pointed out that TWICE’s “Scientist” even ranked lower than ITZY’s “Loco” and a numerous of other fellow female idol groups’ songs, which were released 6 months or a year ago.

nate post

After a day, the post has received 100,815 views, 284 agrees and 185 disagrees. 151 comments were also written, expressing netizens’ mixed opinions regarding this topic.

nate post

The post is as follows:

Legendary achievement of TWICE

Despite being a full album, it ranked 95th on Melon after a day ㅋㅋ

twice ranking
Photo 1: Scientist’s ranking on Melon

It even ranked 144th on Genie 

twice ranking
Photo 2: Scientist’s ranking on Genie

TWICE, whose fans call them the A-class idol, is even placed lower than their junior ITZY from the same agency.

twice ranking

If you look at the other groups that are in Melon Daily Chart TOP100

aespa’s “Next Level,” OH MY GIRL’s “Dun Dun Dance,” STAYC’s “ASAP” songs released 6 months ago and BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” is even a year old.

Before the C-class TWICE’s fans start talking about their idols being A-class, they should first worry about TWICE getting kicked out of the charts.”

Netizens’ comments:

  • [+193, -75] Even so, TWICE is the top idol that everyone remembers and (have made enough to) eat well and live well their entire life.
  • [+170, -38] But I’m really curious, doesn’t reality hit when you bring down idols (online) in the corner of your room? Don’t you feel pathetic when comparing (their success) to yourself?
  • [+143, -29] Let’s face reality here
  • “But it’s so funny of you calling top idols “flop.” Do you really think you have the right to call them “flop” when you can’t even once climb to their positions in your entire life?”
  • [+95, -6] To be honest, the effect of this was huge.
Gif: Momo’s bad live singing accident
  • [+75, -8] Honestly, I’m not looking forward to TWICE’s songs at all. ITZY’s songs are bad and TWICE’s singing is bad.

What do you think about this issue?


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