Twice’s Jihyo Teases ‘Killin’ Me Good’ with Addictive Beat and Lively Vibes

Twice’s Jihyo Spoils Her Solo Debut Song.

Jihyo will release her first mini-album ‘ZONE’ on the 18th of next month, with the title track ‘Killin’ Me Good.’

On the 29th, JYP Entertainment revealed a snippet of ‘Killin’ Me Good’ on Twice’s SNS platforms. The song features an addictive beat and lively instrumentals, raising curiosity about Jihyo’s musical transformation.

Prior to this, JYP unveiled the timetable for Jihyo’s ‘ZONE.’ Starting from this day, they will release teaser content for ‘Killin’ Me Good’ for the next three weeks. On the 30th, they will also unveil a portion of the new song.

Following this, the tracklist will be revealed on the 31st, followed by the opening trailer on August 2nd, concept photos from the 7th to the 10th, album sneak peek on the 11th and 16th, and music video teasers on the 14th and 17th.

Jihyo is the second Twice member to make her solo debut, following Nayeon, who started with ‘I Am Nayeon’ in June last year, showcasing her fresh and lively performance.

Meanwhile, Jihyo’s first mini-album ‘ZONE’ will be released on the 18th of next month at 1 PM (Eastern Time in the USA, 12 AM).”

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