ILLIT’s Official SNS Spotted Following Anti-fan of NewJeans?

The verified X (Twitter) account of girl group ILLIT was spotted following an account that wrote scathing comments about NewJeans. 

At late night on May 20, an ILLIT fan on SNS platform X (formerly Twitter) published screenshots of ILLIT’s official SNS (with a verified mark) following her. According to the fan, the account seemed to have noticed such mistake and quietly unfollowed her 20 minutes later. 

Noticeably, however, the fan in question is known to be an anti-fan of NewJeans, having left comments like “Nothing about NewJeans is original” on negative articles about the girl gorup. 

This sparked a lot of reactions among netizens. 

Additionally, it was also revealed that the ILLIT’s official X account also followed a Korean fan-account for member Moka and a Japanese fan-account for member Yunah, but unfollowed shortly after. 

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • Why are they doing it to NewJeans? Isn’t this too much?
  • Ugh, whether it’s a member of a staff, it’s the agency’s doing. Such an ugly action 
  • Wow I wonder just how they will explain this 
  • Don’t members use this account as well? This means this might have been a member doing this..
  • A Japanese fan-account? Does this mean it was a Japanese member that do this 

Source: theqoo

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